Discovering Anti Wrinkle Injections

Discovering Anti Wrinkle Injections

As we go through life, laughing, smiling and frowning, our muscles contract and shift back into place. Joy, concentration and sorrow all leave faint traces on our lovely faces, which become more obvious over time as our skin loses the elasticity and hydration of our youth. These are the most obvious signs of ageing and as such, the appearance of frown lines or forehead furrows can really knock our self-esteem.

But I have brilliant news! Since the early 2000s, wrinkles haven’t simply been a fact of life! Anti wrinkle injections are non-invasive and effective treatments that smooth out those pesky lines and I offer them at Rocambolesque.

Explaining Anti Wrinkle Injections

Isn’t it incredible that we can now use anti wrinkle injections to combat this former fact of life? But how is this possible? Let me tell you!

It begins with botulinum toxin, a naturally occurring neurotoxin. It has the power to temporarily block nerve signals and stop muscles from contracting. Anti wrinkle injections put this substance to good use by preventing muscle contractions in the face, softening wrinkles and lines to produce a more youthful appearance. It takes approximately 8-12 weeks for the nerves to recover, leaving you free to laugh and smile while leaving no evidence behind on your smooth, rejuvenated features. 

The History of Anti Wrinkle Injections

The aesthetics industry has had an understanding of botulinum since the first half of the 20th century, with it being successfully isolated for the first time in 1944. It was first used as a  credible treatment option for those looking to turn back the clock around 20 years ago.

To begin with, the toxin was used exclusively for medical conditions. The first injection was for a case of strabismus (crossed eyes) and was followed over the years with treating twitchy eyelids, facial twitching and painful neck conditions. A few decades later, in the early 2000s, it was approved for forehead creases, followed by excessive sweating, also known as hypohidrosis

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With so many places offering this procedure, it is crucial to make sure you are being treated by a qualified practitioner, such as myself. When done incorrectly, this procedure can be dangerous and ineffective, which isn’t what anyone wants. At Rocambolesque, I only use safe and regulated products. When it comes to reducing wrinkles, I use Botox® by Allergan.

My most common anti wrinkle injection options are for frown lines and crow’s feet, but these injections can be used to address a variety of concerns, so please call 01423 552686 or email if you have any questions. If you want to learn more about what I do, visit my website or contact me to book a consultation.

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